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Welcome Welcome

I would like to at last officially welcome Celine Dion’s new twins Nelson and Eddy into the world!!! (No pictures of the babies yet, but I thought Rene was looking dapper with his new glasses in this family picture)

I would also like to welcome Celine Dion back to the stage!!!
Celine is 42 and fantastic, not only because she just gave birth to healthy twins, but also because she will be back to performing in Las Vegas at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in March!  Show dates will be running from March 15, 2011 until August 14th, 2011.  Looks like I will be forcing my husband to take a trip to Vegas with me this summer!  Should be easy to “trick” a man into going to Sin City right?

I’m a loud and proud Celine fan… nothing embarrassing about it!  So what performer are you a mega-fan of?  John Mellencamp?  Justin Bieber?  Lady Gaga?  Sarah McLachlan?  Roger Waters?  Carrie Underwood?  Chris Isaak?  Well Circle City Tickets has the best seats to see all of these artists and more!  Check us out and see if we can help you get your fanatic fix…

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Colts side vs. Visitors side

Are you wondering which side of Lucas Oil Stadium to sit on to cheer for the Colts? Do you toss and turn at night trying to decide your loyalty vs really good seats? Are lower level seats available on the visitors side but not available on the Colts side?

Guess what? It doesn’t matter because you are surrounded by Colts Fans!! That is what makes Lucas Oil Stadium so great!

Circle City Tickets has Lucas Oil seating in the bag! We can put you on whatever level you want and you will be in the Home of the Indianapolis Colts!

Go Colts!

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Cammi’s Hot List for Halloween 2010

Still on the hunt for that perfect Halloween costume, but don’t want to be stuck wearing last year’s pop culture fad?  Well Cammi’s Hot List has got you covered!

OUT : Kate Gosselin from “Kate Plus 8”                                             IN :  The Situation from “Jersey Shore”

OUT :  Ellen Degeneres                                                                          IN : Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester from “Glee”
OUT : Lady Gaga                                                                                    IN :   Katy Perry
OUT : Charlie Sheen in “Two and a Half Men”                                 IN :  John Hamm in “Mad Men”
OUT : The Wiggles                                                                      IN :  Yo Gabba Gabba
OUT : Sarah Palin                                                  IN :     Christine O’Donnell
OUT : Barack Obama                                        IN :   Jimmy McMillan
President from the Demogratic Party         NY Governor Candidate from the Rent Is Too Damn High Party
Another fad that’s always in??  Circle City Tickets!!!  We’ve got the hottest seats for all of the shows that everyone will be talking about!  Show your CCT support this year and dress up like a giant ticket, wear shorts that say “The Best Seat In The House” on the back, tattoo our logo on your forehead, or simply buy great tickets from us and brag to all of your friends on Halloween.  With hot tickets like ours and prices that won’t scare you, you’re bound to be in this year’s “IN” column!

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My Boss Is Cooler Than Your Boss

BOSS’S DAY IS OCTOBER 16, 2010!!!!! Having Boss’s Day fall on a Saturday sort of defeats the purpose and leaves our fearless leaders feeling a bit neglected, so I feel we should recognize our bosses a day early.  I have prepared an acrostic in honor of the big guys here at Circle City Tickets thanking them for the many great things they do around the office.  Without further ado… a poem:

B- Being available for your employees even though all we do is whine about the air conditioning, the soda selection in the fridge, the lack of lumbar support in our chairs, or the cancelled US Weekly subscriptions.

O- Only taking a 4 day vacation to Wine Country (when we’re sure you would like for it to be 12 days) so that you can be here to fix our printers, help us with our logins, order our office supplies, and sign our paychecks.

S- Smiling through our mindless stories about our cats, our kids, our spouses, and our elderly grandparents, even though you just heard the same story yesterday.

S- Showing you’re thinking about us by attempting to start planning our office holiday party two months in advance knowing that you will not get any solid plans from us until after the first week of December and all of the good restaurants are booked.

I sure wish there were more letters in the word “boss,” because there are so many great things our bosses do for us employees!  But, more importantly, our bosses do great things for all of you… by providing you with premium access to tickets to sporting events, concerts, and shows anywhere in the country!

Right now my bosses can supply you with tickets to see Wicked in Indianapolis over Christmas, or tickets to hang out in the pit at the Zac Brown Band concert, or get you sideline seats to see everyone’s favorite NFL team: the Indianapolis Colts.  Come to think of it, my bosses are pretty dang cool!

Thanks Circle City Tickets bosses!  We’ll keep working hard for you and you keep working hard for the better of the Indianapolis public!

brownnoser.jpg image by tony7914

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Second office location adds convenience for Circle City Tickets.

Circle City Tickets, a full service ticket broker for all types of events across the country, announced this week the opening of their second office location.
The new office is located at 12 West Maryland St. in downtown Indianapolis.

“This new office puts us right in the heart of 4 major Indianapolis venues – Conseco Fieldhouse, Lucas Oil Stadium, White River State Park, and Victory Field,” explained Angelo Peduto, partner at Circle City Tickets.

The downtown office will be open weekdays 10:30 – 5:00, with extended hours on days of events including all Colts home games. Customers can buy, sell and pick up tickets at the new office, just as they can at the original location – at 8301 North Keystone Avenue on the north side.

“Our service is what puts us a notch above ordinary ticket sellers. We have a reputation for finding the tough, high-demand tickets, meeting short deadlines, maintaining fair prices, and generally taking great care of our customers,” added Peduto. “This new location is just another huge convenience for our customers.”

Circle City Tickets has been filling ticket orders for over twenty years, and is a member of the National Association of Ticket Brokers, The Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce, and The Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association.

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Aaron Lewis of Staind to perform

Aaron Lewis, the lead singer from Staind is going to perform a reserved concert at the Egyptian Room at the Murat Theater on Sunday October 24. This show is going to be exciting, he has promised to play his new solo stuff as well as some of his hits from Staind. The Egyptian Room at the Murat Theater is a great place to see a show like this, it is an very intimate setting and you are able to get up close and personal with the artist. Don’t miss this very unique opportunity to see Aaron Lewis from Staind in concert!

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We buy tickets!

You probably think of Circle City Tickets when you are looking for tickets to a Colts Game or the next big concert. But did you know we also BUY tickets! We do. We are looking to buy tickets to most events if not all. If at the last minute you find you have extra tickets give us a call at 317-254-9500. We are always buying tickets. We are looking now for tickets to all Indianapolis Colts games as well as all NFL teams. Yes we even buy tickets to all other NFL teams. We are also looking to buy tickets to major college football games. If you are a season ticket holder for Notre Dame, Purdue or Indiana University and you have tickets to sell call us today. We are also buying concert tickets. We make it easy for you to sell your tickets. Why pay for fees to Ebay or some other out of town service to sell your tickets. Call us today for quote on your tickets and you and you can get paid today! Deal with the biggest and oldest broker in the state of Indiana. We have regular office hours and you can even call us and talk to a real person! Don’t let those tickets go to waste.. turn them in to MONEY! Call us now 317-254-9500 or click on the sell button at

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You are cordially invited…

Celine Dion is pregnant with twins!!! And as most of you know I’m a mega fan so I’ve decided to plan a little baby shower for the diva. Hopefully she will show up and if not, hopefully she will at least pick up the tab.

 Since the twins are expected to be boys, I have, of course, conquered the blue theme. I’m thinking poolside under a cabana at a private residence in Palm Springs. Baby blue chandeliers will hang from the chiffon ceiling with Vera Wang Lace China at each place setting. The six-tiered vanilla cake will boast raspberry filling and buttercream icing and two platinum baby shoes as the topper. Each guest will receive a $2,750 blue and diamond carriage charm from Tiffany’s, so be sure to RSVP with a guest!


Celine Dion obviously is not touring this year, but make sure you check out those artists who are not knocked up. So far August is looking good with a line-up of Jonas Brothers, Rascal Flatts, John Mayer, Hanson (yes, this is the 2010 schedule), Adam Lambert, and so many more! Contact Circle City Tickets @ 800-627-1334 for more information on all of these show and ask for Cammi to RSVP for Celine Dion’s shower.

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Indiana boys on an Indiana night

“She grew up in an Indiana town,
Had a good lookin’ Mama who never was around.
But she grew up tall and she grew up right
With them Indiana boys on an Indiana night.”
-Tom Petty

It was an Indiana night with Indiana boys (and girls) and Tom Petty blew the roof off of Verizon Wireless Music Center. This happened to be my first concert at the Verizon venue in Noblesville and it was the ultimate concert experience thanks to VIP parking and Club access. This is the only way to go—we drove right past the lines of traffic waiting to get in and entered the separate VIP parking lot. Top shelf bar and café-style dining don’t even compare to the lines at the concession stands outside the VIP area. Tom Petty put on an incredible show and we had amazing seats because my favorite ticket broker, Circle City Tickets, always has the best seat in the house!

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Win FREE American Idols Tickets!

You can see the American Idols LIVE show for free! You just need to enter the Circle City Tickets VIDEO STAR contest. You can do it alone or get your friends together and make a short music video and enter it at our Facebook Fan Page. It’s just that easy! After the entry period tell all your friends to vote for your video. The video with the most votes WINS! Go as high tech or low tech as you want. Use that new iPhone that you camped out to buy or the family digital camera. Just do it! Maybe you will be in the VIP seats on August 31 when the American Idols LIVE show comes to town. Good Luck!

See complete details and rules at the Circle City Tickets Facebook Fan Page.

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