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It is the holiday season and that means a couple of things: Lots of family time, the end of the NFL season and College Bowl season. This year it is hard to get excited about the Bowl season due the fact that there are 34 bowl games. Now, I understand that for the college athletes each and every bowl game is important but as a fan, why would I ever want to watch the New Mexico Bowl between Fresno St and Nevada or the Little Ceasars Bowl between Marshall and Ohio. These bowl games are pointless, I was flipping through the channels on Dec 26 and I just happened to turn on the Marshall and Ohio football game, the stands were about half full. This can not be a good situation for the BCS, the stadium, or the schools to have these games where they are loosing money. Instead of 34 bowl games they should have some sort of playoff. Maybe start the season a week earlier and get it all wrapped up before the athletes finals or start the playoffs after the finals. In the NFL there are two weeks between the Conference Championship game and the Super Bowl, why can’t the FBS do something similar. I think it would increase revenue and be great for college football.

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